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Thank you for inquiring about how

ACCORD Mediation Services can

help you. 

My name is Carolyn Bryson,  President of ACCORD Mediation Services.

Our firm adheres to a client-centered philosophy that aims to put your

needs first.

For all prospective clients, we begin

the process with a confidential,

30-minute initial consultation with both parties together. The purpose is to:

> Describe the mediation process

> Explain how mediation works with the          legal system

> Go over anticipated timelines and costs

> Determine whether mediation is right for     you.

Of course, there is no charge and no obligation for this confidential, initial consultation.

The mediation process is completely voluntary, which means that you may withdraw at any time during the process.

Business clients and employees may find additional mediation and business services at ADDENDA Solutions division website.

If no mutually agreed upon terms can

be reached, you still have the court

process available to you as another

alternative.  Any agreement reached

during mediation, can still serve to

minimize those issues that you

decide to take to court.

Interestingly, national statistics show

that between 70% and 80% of mediation clients come to mutually agreed upon

terms. Parties are more satisified with their

terms, and parties are more likely to adhere

to their agreements.

Since ACCORD was established in 2001, clients have come to us  from all over New York State to discover their own solutions by using our mediation process.


Couples and Families

Marital Separation

Senior Care and Estates

Article 81 Guardianship
Estate Planning - Elder Care

Sibling - Caregiver Conflicts

Family and Finances

Finances and Money Management
Child Custody & Visitation
Child Support
Relationship Coaching

Parent-Child Issues
Stepfamilies & Unmarried Parents



Our office in Canandaigua serves

a 100 mile radius which includes the

eastern suburbs of Rochester, as

well as the areas of Newark, Geneva, Seneca Falls, Dansville, Avon and

Geneseo, Naples and Branchport.

ACCORD Mediation Services

5297 Parkside Dr., Suite 412

Canandaigua, NY 14424


Our Rochester office services all Rochester suburbs, the city and Greater Rochester communities, including Batavia, Avon and Geneseo.

ACCORD Mediation Services

1100 University Ave., Suite 108

Rochester, NY 14607


Our office in Saranac Lake serves

a 100 mile radius, which includes the

areas of Malone, Plattsburgh, Adirondacks,

and Watertown, NY.

ACCORD Mediation Services

PO Box 367

126 Kiwassa Road

Saranac Lake, NY  12983



Business and Organizations

Family Businesses

Commercial and Government

Construction Contract Disputes
Property Damage
Labor Negotiations
Real Estate Disputes

Workplace and Employment

Employment Contracts
Grievances - Performance Reviews

Employee Conflicts

Business Matters

Mediation for Partnership Disputes

Mediation for Non-Profit Executives

Mediation for Partnership Agreements

Negotiation for Business Buy-Sell Agreements

Creation of Business Plans

Creation of Business Development Plans

Creation of Marketing Plans

Executive Coaching for Profesionals

Business Consulting and Advisory Services


NYS Dispute Resolution Association

ADDENDA Solutions Workplace Mediation

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Elder Care Disputes: Who Comes First?

Mom, Dad, Are You Getting a Divorce?

The Decision to Divorce: The First of Many Decisions

Influence Employees To Do What You Want








Please contact us

to schedule a confidential, 30-minute initial

consultation at no charge

by calling

585-461-2654 Rochester | Western NY Region

585-394-4950 Canandaigua | Finger Lakes Region

518-891-1681 Saranac Lake | Adirondack Region

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  ACCORD Mediation Services provides mediation to families, couples, employers, businesses, business partners, contractors throughout the Rochester NY region, Canandaigua, NY region, Plattsburgh, NY region, Malone area, Saranac Lake and Adirondack region, Finger Lakes region of New York State, for issues involving relationship reconcilation, relationship coaching, divorce, marital separation, custody and visitation, child support, elder care, estate issues, guardianship, military, stepfamilies, seniors, partnerships, non-profit organizations, workplace disputes, employment negotiations, land use, environmenta issues, employment contracts and discrimination allegations, home improvement and construction contract disputes, small business and family business disputes.  


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1100 University Ave.

Suite 108

Rochester, NY 14607


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5297 Parkside Dr (off Rte 332)

Suite 412

Canandaigua, NY 14424


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PO Box 367

126 Kiwassa Road

Saranac Lake, NY  12983


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Our regional offices are located in Rochester ( Monroe County ) Canandaigua ( Ontario County ) and Saranac Lake ( Franklin & Essex Counties ), NY.  As professional mediators, we provide mediation services for reconciliation, relationship issues, parent child concerns, marital separation, divorce, property and debt division, child custody and visitation, elder care, military divorce, business contract disputes, commercial and home construction disputes, small business and family business matters.  In addition, we serve many regional communities such as: Malone NY, Plattsburgh NY, Lake George, Keene, Jay, Wilmington, Watertown NY, Oswego, Newark, Geneva, Seneca Falls, Penn Yan, Syracuse NY, Auburn, Bath, Geneseo, Avon, Batavia, Syracuse, Albany and Rochester, NY. Visit our sister company ADDENDA Solutions and Business Services.



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