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The Benefits of Using Mediation as an Approach to Addressing Eldercare Issues While Resolving Family Conflicts are:

a.. The decision-making process is managed in a manner that ensures that the needs of your loved-one are addressed

     quickly, efficiently and affordably
b.. The outcome is one that requires researched facts, utilizes resources, and results in a higher level of satisfaction that

     addresses everyone’s concerns
c.. The process preserves relationships and family values, and can often transform family dynamics in a manner that

     fosters a closer bond between family members, heals old wounds, while creating a foundation for resolving future family


Empower Yourself  by Doing Research

Consult with professionals, even during the mediation process. By working with a consultant who specializes in eldercare issues, or working with a geriatric social worker or an attorney who specializes in elder law, you fuel yourself with factual information that will provide you with objective insight and guidance. Consider consulting with a financial planner who is trained specifically in eldercare finances, knows estate planning and tax laws, and who can provide objective advice.

There are also numerous web sites, books and local presentations available about what you should know about things like Social Security and the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. There are local resources that describe the differences between independent living apartments, assisted living programs, adult care facilities and nursing homes, and can provide you with lists of residential communities and the services each one provides.

Utilize Resources and Services Specializing in Geriatrics and Eldercare

Avoidance and procrastination are the biggest obstacles to resolving issues between loved-ones. You do not have to shoulder the caretaking responsibility alone. Nor does your aging relative need to feel like a burden. There are many resources available to help you, your family and your aging loved-one manage this stage of your lives. There are several geriatric/eldercare consultants and non-profit organizations who are committed to providing quality services and can be found either in the yellow pages or the internet. For example, consider contacting Eldersource Care Management Services, a joint venture of Catholic Family Center and LIFESPAN, which provides comprehensive family services. Their web site is and phone number is (585) 325-2800.

Your family is the most important thing to you. Manage this difficult transition and navigate your family affairs in a way that honors your family values and preserves your family unit. Don’t let eldercare disagreements tarnish the golden years of your aging loved-one.


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