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Resolving differences through the court system may have several disadvantages. A trial, which is open to the public, can take months to schedule and sometimes longer to prepare for. The verdict or decision is usually made by a jury made up of individuals with varying levels of education, background, comprehension and objectivity. And, the judge who is assigned to a case may be one that a claimant or respondent may prefer not have hear their case. There are many key advantages to arbitration.



Arbitration, an alternative, is a private hearing conducted by a single, impartial arbitrator or panel of 3 arbitrators. During the hearing, disputants present their testimony, evidence and witnesses. Following the hearing, an "award" is prepared by the arbitrator rendering the final decision, which can subsequently be entered as a judgment.


Unless disputants agree otherwise in advance, arbitration is legally binding.

ACCORD's arbitrators follow rules and procedures governed by the Federal Arbitration Act and New York State Civil Practice Law and Rules Article 75 - Arbitration. Since the rules for arbitration hearings are less formal, participants can establish the hearing guidelines.


Rising litigation costs are forcing companies to explore more affordable methods of resolving disputes.

Commercial arbitration provides disputants with an expeditious, affordable and confidential method of resolution. Businesses, partners, employers, unions, and government agencies frequently embrace alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a method of minimizing their litigation and trial costs for matters such as:

       Contract Breaches
       Environmental Settlements
       Partnership Dissolution




ACCORD's arbitrators are experienced professionals with expertise in the areas of contracts, labor issues, equitable distribution, insurance, banking and finance, and residential and commercial construction.


Sometimes, claim amounts are too large for small claims court and/or not large enough to justify litigation and court fees.

ACCORD makes consumer arbitration more easily accessible to individuals who have disputes with businesses, manufacturers, contractors, insurance companies, organizations, or even other individuals for such matters as:

        Matrimonial property division
        Finances and debt division
        Personal injury
        Insurance claims
        New home construction
        Home improvement disputes
     •   New home construction
        Real estate purchases
        Manufacturer warranty
        Property damage
        Breach of contract


        Disputants are given their "day in court" since they can present their own case without time restraints
Hearings are scheduled within days
Awards are issued in less than 30 days
The arbitrator is an experienced, objective professional with expertise in particular subject matters.


By calling ACCORD’s Arbitration Division at 585.461.2654 or our Canandaigua office at 585-394-4950.

When an inquiry is made by a referring professional or by self-referring parties, an orientation packet is mailed to the claimant (the party initiating the claim) and to the respondent (the party responding to the claim).The process then begins:

1. Matter submitted to Arbitration

        Each party signs an Agreement to Arbitrate and other additional forms
Fees are remitted
The issue to be arbitrated is established

2. Arbitrator or arbitrator panel is selected

        Parties agree to hearing guidelines

3. Parties prepare to present their case

        Evidence is collected
Witnesses are arranged
Subpoenas are issued

4. Hearing is promptly scheduled

        Equipment is arranged
        Location and time is determined

5. Arbitrator or panel conducts the Hearing

        Parties are sworn in
        Parties make opening statement
        Parties present their argument
        Parties make closing statement



6. Arbitrator prepares decision

        Award is issued within 30 days
        Award can be converted to judgment

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