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When people are in conflict, a number of emotions can be experienced:



- Anger
- Revenge
- Pain
- Loss
- Numbness

- Panic

- Betrayal

- Injured Pride

- Fear

- Devestation

- Uncertainty

- Sadness






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These emotions are normal. However, overwhelming emotions can impair your ability to make sound decisions that may affect the rest of your life. You can do something about it.



By choosing MEDIATION you are more likely to end up with a settlement that you can live with because...

1. You control negotiations directly with the other side rather than relying on third party interpretation or communication for you.

2. Your mediator guides you to resources that enable you to make well-informed decisions.

3. Your mediator has a network of other professionals to help you with legal questions, real estate, financial, tax and even emotional support decisions.

4. MEDIATION lets you, not others, control the pace, costs and cash-flow during the process.

(a vast majority of ACCORD clients successfully reach a settlement)


When it is likely that you will have some form of relationship with the other person, such as the father or mother of your children, or a co-worker or supervisor, choosing MEDIATION enables you to...

1. Reduce the possibility of prolonged anger toward the other person.

2. Cooperatively deal with financial issues that may link you and the other person for many years down the road, such as power-of-attorney, child support payments, settlement agreements, or pensions.

3. Face the other person during family events or work-related meetings.

4. Be role models for your children, colleagues or employees.

5. Be more creative with settlement agreements than if you were to act as adversaries.

Ideally, with both parties in mediation, a business-like relationship can evolve that serves to reduce the stress for all who are involved and results in agreements that are more easily adhered to.

       "Thanks for your help with all of this. It made something that is difficult go pretty

smoothly and helped us to remain friends. I appreciate it.                  J.D.


The average contested case involving litigation takes 1 to 2 years to complete. Many take much longer. That is a long time to endure a highly stressful situation.


For matters such as an uncontested divorce, the mediation process can be completed in weeks. For simpler matters, issues can be resolved in days.

1. You and the other party are negotiating face-to-face, rather than waiting for others to advocate for you.

2. 95% of mediated matters never end up in the courtroom. There is a 90% compliance rate with mediated cases.

3. Mediated agreements are generally accepted by the courts, as they reflect the agreements of both parties.

4. During mediation, an agenda is followed, thereby creating a structure that keeps parties focused.

5. Worksheets are provided to the parties, so that they are more prepared during the mediation session.


The first rule of any legal battle is that it costs a lot of money to fight. Mediation may not eliminate the need for attorneys but it does put the bulk of the workload into your hands. As a result, you can save considerable money. By working cooperatively, both parties can actually come out ahead.

During the mediation process, participants:

       Discuss areas of concern
      Consider each other’s point of view
      Explore options
      Agree on solutions that are realistic and long-lasting

Whether your matter involves family issues such as reconciliation or divorce, elder care arrangements or guardianship, or financial issues such as personal injury matters, home construction disputes, or business partnership conflicts, mediation offers several features:

       Clients engage in a joint, cooperative problem-solving process at their own pace
       A neutral mediator helps parties negotiate a resolution or settlement that is equitable and realistic
       Generally, the mediation cases are scheduled quickly and resolution is reached in a reasonable timeline

       ACCORD clients have access to resources and a referral network

                     in the areas of law, real estate, taxes and finance, and counseling
        At conclusion, clients have a written summary of their negotiated decisions called a

                     Memorandum of Understanding  (MOU), which is converted into a legally binding

                     contract, if applicable to their case.

Rather than adversarial methods or avoidance tactics, mediation provides several benefits:

       It helps to keep line of communication open, especially when it's likely that the relationship will continue
       It is very affordable
       It can help resolve issues quickly
       It empowers participants to make their own decisions
       It is confidential

Common Matters for Mediation

       Relationship and/or Reconciliation
       Marital Separation or Divorce
       Article 81 Guardianship
       Interpersonal Conflicts, Reconciliation
       Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support
       Child and Parent Issues
       ADA and Discrimination Claims
       Mergers and Dissolutions
       Business Partnership Conflicts
       Property Damage

 Estate Planning
 Senior Care
 Breach of Contract between Businesses
 Environmental Settlements
 Employment Issues
 Labor Contract Negotiations
 Insurance Claims

 Prenuptial, Postnuptial, Palimony or Living-together      Agreements

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Our regional offices are located in Canandaigua ( Ontario County ), and Saranac Lake ( Franklin and Essex Counties ), NY.  As professional mediators, we provide mediation services for family matters such as, reconciliation, relationship issues, divorce, marital separation, property and debt division, child custody and visitation, elder care, military divorce, victim-offender, business contract disputes, commercial and home construction disputes, small business and family business matters.  In addition, we serve many regional communities such as: Malone, Plattsburgh, Lake George, Keene, Jay, Wilmington, Watertown, Oswego, Newark, Geneva, Syracuse, Auburn, Bath, Geneseo, Avon, Batavia, Hilton, Newark, Albany, Syracuse, Canandaigua, Saranac Lake, Rochester, NY


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